Top Gaming Clans, and Channels Out There!

Gaming clan isn’t something created in one night, as it takes years of experience in gaming to polish a perfect player that can lead a team of players and noob is something that is a part of a team for years but it is sometimes seen as profitable.

So, let’s cut down to the topic and follow the top-rated gaming clans and channels that are featured to motivate and inform you. Your future planning is not totally about how hardworking you are but also how inspired you are and your dedication toward it.

Optic Gaming Clans:

When it comes to top-rated esports players one of the most-rated teams of all time is Optic Gaming Clans which always comes on the list. The headquarters of Optic Gaming is in Frisco. Call of Duty League franchise CDL is certified under optic gaming.

Optic Chicago is also in; o0mpartnership with NRG Esports which is an acquisition for optic gaming Clans. Optic Gaming has a fanbase all over the globe and it is increasing day by day. As there is a very large community related to Call of Duty so everywhere optic gaming Clan’s shine.

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Evil Wolfs:

A gaming Clans team based in Pakistan is one of the underrated gaming Clans teams out there and Evil Wolf is all about the gaming professionals including the top-rated players

F4llnoob, 5pyd3r, MaxPayne, and Darkest Mind are the gaming tags of the players.

The evil wolf was first seen in 2010 under the local tournament of Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. As cod4 is one of the most-rated games of all time probably is considered to be the best of its time. And the fun fact valiantly people today also play it for fun. Now the Evil Wolf team heads towards the Valor ant and is seen in the matches of Valor ant.

luminosity gaming:

futurity Gaming Clans is another internationally known gaming Clans team and has won many gaming medals. Luminosity teams are in North America, these are competing in COD, Overwatch, Rainbow Six, Fortnite, and other related games. 

It’s not about what they earn through these gaming tournaments but they are inspired and passionate enough to play these games. The team first was founded in Canada in 2015. One of the most globally recognized teams of all time is considered to be the Luminosity gaming team.

Comodo Gaming:

Comodo Gaming is a gaming channel on YouTube, but very famous nowadays. These gaming channels are the best way to kill your upset mood. The real name of Comodo Gaming is Cody Gordan but better online known as Comodo Gaming.

Comodo Gaming has a list of videos based on many such quality games which are extremely helpful for you to get inspiration and understand the gaming tactics. As YouTube is the direct way to earn through your passion it is recommended that if you are a gaming expert and want the world to show your skills then I do recommend you make a gaming YouTube channel to earn and at the same time play your favourite game.

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Neets Gaming:

Another advanced gaming channel on YouTube is Neebs Gaming, it which counts as one of the most-watched YouTube gaming channels.  You can visit the neebs gaming channel and can see the quality of content there, it helps you organize your gaming channel.

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