Use VideoDuke to Download Any Video On MAC

Downloading VideoDuke the video content is not an easy job as many high-quality sites use multiple restrictions to prevent you from downloading. But the question is if you can play it online why download it? The answer is simple, the offline file is easy to manage and will be convenient in a way that it doesn’t need to buffer and can be fast-forwarded and you can watch it anywhere, anytime.

But an ultimate tool is required to download online videos on MAC easily, here comes the VideoDuke, one of the best Video Downloaders available for MAC in the market.

Trusted by Ultima VideoDuke. Furthermore, if you are looking for the best YouTube to MP3 converter then Ytmp3 is a superlative tool, there is no limitation for downloading and converting YouTube videos.

How to Use VideoDuke?

VideoDuke is one of the best HTML5 video Mac downloaders. Let’s see How to use Video Duke is also pretty easy and not an overwhelming task. You just have to follow through with 3 easy steps to make a video downloaded.

Download and Install The VideoDuke

 Just download the VideoDuke and Install it on your macOS to get started. The installation is as easy as ABC.

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Copy The URL of the Video

Copy the link of the specific video you want to download whether it is on YouTube or Dailymotion. Make sure you copy the whole link of the video.

Paste It under VideoDuke and Tap to Download

Paste the link to the video you want to download.

You can also specify the format of the video to get it downloaded. Thanks to VideoDuke it supports up to many video formats 3gp, mp4, mpg, Flav, Avi, and many more. Starting from the video resolution, download it in the Playlist, and so on.

Use VideoDuke To Download Audio Files

You can not only download videos but using VideoDuke, you can also download audio files easily and safely on Mac. Downloading a YouTube Audio soundtrack, no mp3 conversion is needed but it splits up the file for the audio track and saves it on your drive.

Let’s see how to download and manage the Audio Files on Video Duke

●     Download Audio Files

The advanced mode in VideoDuke lets you select the MP3 files if available for the specific site. If it finds the mp3 file on the site, you can easily download it on your system without any conversion. It uses the maximum capacity of your internet to download the file at high speed.

●     Convert Video To Mp3

If you need to just extract the audio track file from the YT video. Open the specific video in your app and search for “Audio”. Tap the “Download” to get the file in MP3 format.

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Why Use VideoDuke to Download Videos On Mac?

The one thing that makes VideoDuke one of the best Video Downloader is the feature “Easy To-Use”, It’s like learning ABC. You can also use it as the default browser if you are a movie lover and download numerous videos on it offline for a road trip.

Features of VideoDuke:

Supports All Popular Sites:

It supports several popular sites, so you can download the videos easily almost from anywhere just by simple steps. YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion are all supported by VideoDuke.

Can be Used As An Alternative to Browser:

It can also be used as an alternative to the default browser, so you can quickly search for the videos on it. And opening any browser file using it. New videos can be directly opened by the App.

Gets Integrated into the Browser:

You can add the VideoDuke embedded button into your Safari Web Browser or any other web browser to instantly download any video on your Mac using this awesome software in just minutes depending on the size of the video.

Multiple Modes:

It supports multiple modes advanced and simple to help you download the video in various formats. The simple mode is easy to download the video while the advanced mode lets you extract the audio track from it and easily adjust the format of the video.

Tell us in the comment section if you experience any error in the installation of Video Duke, we’ll try to help you ASAP.

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